Legacy Magazine is a special platform that celebrates and protects traditional folk arts from different parts of the world. It acts as a bridge between the past and present, taking readers on an exciting journey through various cultures and their artistic traditions. By creating a space for learning, sharing, and connecting with these art forms, Legacy Magazine aims to inspire and empower underrepresented artists. This is the first issue of Legacy, and as a passionate advocate for folk art, I’m thrilled to contribute something meaningful to society’s appreciation of these valuable artistic treasures.


I took on multiple roles in the creation of Legacy Magazine. From researching traditional folk arts to serving as the art director, content strategist, illustrator, typographer, and layout planner.‚Äč


  • InDesign
  • Figma
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop


10 weeks



Problem & Solution

Traditional folk arts are at risk of being forgotten or lost over time. The magazine aimed to address this by providing a platform to showcase and promote these art forms to a wider audience, documenting their significance and preservation efforts. Additionally, the magazine sought to give a voice to underrepresented artists, promoting diversity and inclusivity in the art world.


Legacy Magazine primarily targets a vibrant audience of young adults aged 18-30 who possess a deep interest in traditional arts, diverse cultures, and the wonders of travel. However, the magazine’s captivating content and thoughtfully designed layout also resonate with a broader readership. This includes art enthusiasts, collectors, educators, students of art and cultural studies, as well as individuals with a genuine curiosity about various cultural practices and traditions. By catering to this diverse range of readers, Legacy Magazine aims to foster an inclusive and enriching experience for all who appreciate the beauty of heritage arts.

Layout and Mood Board

When designing the layout and color scheme for the magazine, I began by gathering inspiration from various sources. After careful consideration, I chose a muted color palette to achieve a sophisticated and understated look. This decision was made to ensure that the vibrant and diverse folk art showcased in the magazine remained the main focus. The muted colors created a sense of harmony and balance, enhancing the overall design. In the initial articles, I opted for a minimal layout with soft tones, aiming for a clean and elegant aesthetic. As the magazine progressed, I gradually introduced more expressive images and played with layout and graphic elements. This added visual interest and brought out the essence and emotion of the featured folk arts. The evolving layout and graphic choices helped engage readers and create a captivating visual narrative throughout the publication.

Final Design


This project allowed me to explore and appreciate the world of folk art. I learned how to preserve the authenticity of these art forms while presenting them in visually appealing ways. The experience expanded my layout and art direction skills, as I designed the magazine to showcase the beauty of folk art. I’m excited to continue this journey by creating the second issue of Legacy magazine and sharing more captivating art forms with our readers.

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